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Hattiesburg, MS

Are you a wine enthusiast? If so, then your beloved beverage is sure to be part of your big day.

Lincoln Road Package Store has an extensive selection of wines, whether you are looking for an old favorite, something more exotic or perhaps sparkling wine for that special toast on your big day. Our staff has a wealth of combined knowledge of wines to help make your big day a memorable one.

Not only does Lincoln Road Package Store offer a wide selection of wines for your wedding, but here are some creative ideas to incorporate wine into your next event that doesn’t involve just having bottles at the bar.

Wine cork monogram

Save corks from recent bottles, and use them to create your initials. You can glue these together to use as decorations for your reception as center pieces for tables, hanging décor, or even as a cake topper. Using cardboard or wooden cutouts, you can design any letter or shape that you like, and glue the corks onto the board to create gorgeous décor for your wedding or reception.

Leave a note

Use an empty bottle as a guestbook, where friends and family literally can leave messages in a bottle with their well wishes. It would be fun, and nostalgic, to read these letters when you celebrate your one-year anniversary.

Table numbers, labels, and decor

Another use for those empty bottles is to use them as table numbers. Empty bottles are also a nice alternative for table décor. Put flowers in them, or wrap them in burlap, lace or fabric depending on the look you desire.
You could also have custom wine bottle labels made to adhere to the bottles after removing the old labels. This would even make for a wonderful keepsake for your guests, and for you, too!

Wine corks are also useful to use as place card holders for seating arrangements or table numbers. Just cut a shallow slit along the side of each cork, place personalized name cards in each cork. If using the corks for table numbers, take five or six corks and tie them together with some twine, placing the table number card between the corks.

For beautiful centerpieces, you can full the inside of a glass candleholder with corks, placing the candle in the middle. Add a finishing touch by tying some ribbon or twine that matches your wedding colors, around the glass candleholder.


Pick out a few bottles of your favorite vintage wine, and set them aside for your guests to take home and open on their next special occasion. Again, personalized labels can be a nice extra touch.


Another reason to save all those corks is to use them to create some unique and fun boutonnieres.

Lincoln Road Package Store has an extensive selection of wines available, and can help with special needs for your next big event. Whether you know what you want, or you need help planning for your big day, Lincoln Road Package Store can meet your wedding party needs. For questions, please call us at (601) 268-3677 or send an e-mail to

Lincoln Road Package Store is here to serve the adult beverage needs of Hattiesburg, MS.

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