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With all its complexities, wine is an alcoholic beverage studied in the past, but we continue to learn more about it. No matter if you enjoy one glass at a special occasion or are an expert connoisseur who enjoys a variety of wines regularly, the topic of wine has preconceived notions that are not true. On the blog today, Lincoln Road Package Store shares some of the false beliefs about wine in hopes you may try more varieties that you may have dismissed previously. As always, we welcome you to visit our location at 2800 Lincoln Road, Suite A, in Hattiesburg, MS, for a personal recommendation or to learn more about wine varieties.

Cheap Equals Bad

The final selling price of a wine bottle is an accumulation of multiple factors. Even though most people believe quality is the determining factor of the price, it is merely one small part of a larger equation. Wine companies must consider production costs, including packaging, materials, label design, and labor, before determining a price point. Another factor that can increase the price is the popularity of the grapes, regions, or wineries. It is possible to pay a lower price for a higher quality product from a lesser-known origin. So, explore wines from less popular varieties or producers, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find one you enjoy.

Screw Caps Equals Poor Quality

The cork in bottled wine is part of a 300-year-old wine-making tradition. When fine wine manufacturers decided to use screw caps a few decades ago, most consumers assumed the wine was of lower quality. However, most consumers do not realize that corks are more prone to taint the wine flavor with a strong, musty smell and allow oxidation to occur while corked. With continued use of screw caps, cork taint and oxidation are no longer a problem. More wine manufacturers turn to screw caps for an effective seal that prevents oxidation and provides a more enjoyable consumer experience when opening the bottle.

Sweet Wines Aren’t for True Drinkers

Many novice wine-drinkers often favor sweet wines because of their palatable drinkability. Fortunately, it does not indicate the wine is of lower quality, nor does it mean it is unfavorable for an expert wine aficionado. Some of the most respected and coveted wines in the world are sweet. For example, Sauternes originates from France in the infamous Bordeaux region and are a famous sweet wine. One of the sweetest wines on the market is ice wine, which results from grapes freezing on the vine. When frozen, the natural sugars become concentrated, creating a syrupy, dessert-like beverage.

White Wine with Fish, Red Wine with Beef

Most wine consumers have heard that if you order chicken or fish, you should order white wine, and if you order beef, you should order red. Fortunately, the rule is not solid, and you are free to pair red and white wines with whichever food type you deem the most flavorful and complimentary. For example, when dining on salmon, tuna, or other hearty fish dishes, a lovely pinot noir, light-bodied red wine with a medium to high acidity, is a classic pairing. However, you may prefer a chardonnay with fish or chicken based on the sauces and spices used in the dish. If you find the pairing palatable and it complements the meal, enjoy it.

Wine in Hattiesburg, MS

Finding a wine that suits your tastes and meal choices may take some time. However, the Lincoln Road Package Store staff is happy to help you choose a quality wine at a reasonable price that should complement any meal. Visit our location at 2800 Lincoln Road, Suite A, in Hattiesburg, MS, to browse our selection of fine wines in various styles and price ranges. If you have questions or would like a wine selection suggestion, feel free to call us at (601) 268-3677 or email jamiefarris@gmail.com.


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