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Perfect Wine Pairings for Your Summer Gathering

Hattiesburg, MS

Warm summer temperatures often ignite the desire to have a barbecue or gather in your backyard or home. In most cases, seasonal foods accompany the event. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to put a menu together if you are unsure which wines to pair with your food choices. Therefore, our Hattiesburg wine experts at Lincoln Road Package Store share perfect pairings for your summer gathering, making menu creation a snap. Once you decide on your food options, visit our location at 2800 Lincoln Rd, Suite 8, in Hattiesburg, MS, to pick up the supplies you need to create a memorable gathering.

  • Pinot Noir and Barbeque Pork Ribs

A natural and textbook pairing is pinot noir’s complement to pork. The silky-smooth mouthfeel can mellow a meat dish without overpowering the delicate smoky and tangy pork flavors.

  • Riesling and Coleslaw or Potato Salad

Late harvest sweet rieslings lighten the flavor of summer staples like coleslaw and potato salad. Although a traditional riesling can be appropriate, late harvest varieties have the best flavor balance with more sour-sweet notes from the grapes ripening longer on the vine.

  • Unoaked Sauvignon Blanc and Veggie Kebobs

In general, roasted or grilled kabobs can be challenging to pair with wine, especially veggie-based dishes. However, an unoaked Sauvignon Blanc naturally accentuates each veggie flavor and seasonings while providing an earthy yet mild backdrop. A golden rule to follow when pairing seasonal produce with wine is if your veggies are lighter colored, then a lighter wine will pair and complement the natural flavors better.

  • Red Zinfandel and Grilled Shrimp

Marinated summer shrimp skewers are versatile and can be a side dish or the main course. Whichever way you serve the dish, pairing it with a chilled red Zinfandel emphasizes the grilled char flavors without overpowering the meal.

  • Oaked Chardonnay and Corn on the Cob

Grill-kissed corn on the cob is a staple at many backyard barbecues. Pairing it with a chilled glass of oak-aged chardonnay boasts a perfect match between the chardonnay’s toasty vanilla cream notes and the corn’s sweet natural crunch.

  • Dry Rosé and Watermelon Feta Salad

Watermelon salad and sharp feta combine into a dish that screams summer. When you add basil, mint, and arugula, then pair it with a chilled glass of rosé, you can experience the watermelon sweetness with the wine’s tang that beautifully bridges the fruit, feta, and greens.

  • White Burgundy and Crab Cakes and Lobster Rolls

Lobster rolls and crab cakes simmered in beurre blanc, a reduction made with white wine, fresh chives, rosemary, tarragon, melted butter, and shallots, boost the raw seafood flavors. The wine smothered seafood pairs best with a nutty, light blended white burgundy.

  • Sweet Madeira and S’mores

S’mores around the campfire are not for kids only. Adults enjoy ooey-gooey marshmallow goodness that can easily pair with a glass of sweet Madeira. The complementary notes of cinnamon, berry compote, toffee, and coconut increase the flavor complexity and depth of the campfire classic.

Lincoln Road Package Store

Creating the perfect menu for your summertime gathering may seem daunting. However, when you carefully pair food flavors with the robust essence of summertime wines, you get an explosive mouthful of flavor that your guests will remember. So, if you need help finalizing your wine pairings or are ready to purchase what you need for your gathering, please visit our location at 2800 Lincoln Road, Suite A, in Hattiesburg, MS. In the meantime, if you have questions about food and wine pairings, feel free to call Lincoln Road Package Store at (601) 268-3677 or email


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