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Choosing the right wine can be complicated unless you are a wine connoisseur. There is certainly more to it than deciding between red or white wine. Each type of wine offers a mix of flavors and aromas that are attributed to the kind of grape that was used, the region it came from, and more. Your choice of wine may rely not only on the flavors but how you plan on serving it.

Riesling is a type of white, aromatic grape that produces a flowery, almost perfume-like aroma that originated from Germany in the Rhine region. These grapes specifically produce a highly acidic, dry wine that is sweet or semi-sweet. Riesling is also used to make sparkling white wines.

Riesling wine is considered one of the top three quality wines and known for being highly “terroir-expressive,” which means its flavor is significantly influenced by the origin of the wine. Usually consumed while young, Riesling wines have been known to be exquisite when aged past 100 years, although typically dry Riesling is aged 5-15 years, semi-sweet for 10-20 years, and 10-30 or more years for sweet varieties.

Characteristics of Riesling

The aromas and flavors of Riesling are quite similar, which include apricot, citrus, pineapple, honey, and mineral, although floral is a rather predominate aroma.


  • Sweet – Lush fruit, very sweet
  • Semisweet – Flavor of ripe fruit, crispness
  • Dry – Loads of fruit flavors, crisp and clean


Sweet Rieslings pair well with desserts and as an Aperitif (a pre-meal digestive beverage). Semisweet Rieslings are ideal pairings with Asian cuisines and various cheeses. If you were searching for a bottle of wine to compliment your seafood or chicken dish, Riesling would be a fabulous choice.

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