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Hattiesburg, MS

Trying to decide what to serve your guests for your next event? Don’t know what suits the occasion? If you’re looking for some cocktails to mix up for your next big event, Lincoln Road Package Store has a bunch of recipes you can mix up in just a Prosecco! Get it? Alright, so it was a silly joke, but these cocktails made with prosecco—a sparkling wine—are everything you need to spruce up your next event, whether it’s big or small.

Orange Prosecco Cocktail aka Aperol Spritz

Looking for a way to get your guest’s palates fresh and their mouths salivating? Well, luckily Italy has just the drink for that. It’s called an aperitif—a drink consumed before a meal that stimulates the appetite. Aperol is similar to a traditional Italian aperitif. Made from bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, cinchona, and other ingredients, Aperol is similar to Campari but a little sweeter in taste. Mix that with the acidity and bubbles of a good prosecco, and it’s the perfect cocktail to get your party started. Also, it has a relatively low alcohol content, so your guests won’t get too blitzed.

The only ingredients are prosecco, Aperol, and seltzer or carbonated water. Pour equal portions (we recommend 2 oz or 60 ml) of prosecco wine, seltzer, and Aperol into a cocktail glass. Stir gently until everything is mixed, then garnish with a slice of orange. You can add ice if you or guests would prefer it chilled.

Strawberry Passion Prosecco Cocktail

Do you remember when you were a kid, and your mom made a root beer float or put sherbet in sprite? You loved it. Sip on this nostalgic cocktail that reminds you of childhood. This simple cocktail is the adult-beverage ice cream cocktail that you didn’t know you needed in your life… until now.

Prosecco and strawberry ice cream are the only ingredients you need. Just place 2-3 scoops of ice cream in a coupe glass, then generously cover your ice cream in prosecco. If you’re feeling froggy, garnish it with a fresh strawberry and a branch of fresh rosemary.

Spritz Hugo aka the Elderflower Prosecco Cocktail

The Spritz Hugo is a popular Italian aperitif that is extremely popular throughout Europe. Serving it will add a hint of European intrigue to your guests’ experience. Add an equal part of elderflower syrup. Since this is a classic, the classic garnish is a slice of lemon or lime, mint leaves, a slice of apple, and of course, ice cubes. Stir your concoction gently and mix fully.

Prosecco Limoncello

Prosecco often is recognized by a natural lime or lemon flavor that features a crisp, acidic quality. This comes from the grapes used to make the wine, but if you like to enhance those flavors with a heavier citrus note, then this is the drink for you. Besides, who doesn’t like a little bit of wine and liquor lemonade?

Take 100 ml of prosecco and add limoncello lemon liqueur. We suggest about 20 ml or one-fifth of your prosecco, but you can mix it to your own taste preference. We recommend a garnish of mint leaves or fresh pomegranates (or both if the taste suits you). To draw even more appeal, slice some lemon and add it next to the glass.

Mimosa & Orange Juice Prosecco Punch

Who doesn’t love a refreshing mimosa? Your guests will shiver with anticipation at this creation. However, before you mix, we need to tell you to make sure your prosecco and quality orange juice (without pulp is usually best in cocktails) are chilled.

All you need is prosecco and orange juice—we prefer freshly squeezed—in equal parts. No stirring or garnish needed. Just drink away. Responsibly, of course.

Mixers for Cocktails in Hattiesburg

If you’re in the Hattiesburg area and need advice for these recipes or any other creations you’d like to make, Lincoln Road Package Store is the place for you. We have a wide selection of wine, including proseccos and a knowledgeable staff that would love to help you. Just give us a call at (601) 268-3677 or email You’re also welcome to visit our location at 2800 Lincoln Road, Suite A, in Hattiesburg, MS.

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