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Whether you’re a new wine drinker or you’ve enjoyed many fine bottles over the years, learning how to be a wine taster like the pros is easier than you might think. While some wine drinkers simply select a bottle of wine based on price or by choosing a bottle that they are familiar with, others may wish to understand more details about the wine. Wine connoisseurs know a thing or two about wine tasting, but the average person can determine a lot from a glass of wine by following these five easy wine tasting tips provided by Lincoln Road Package Store.


Use a clean, clear wine glass, and start by taking a look at the wine, paying special attention to the edges. There are noticeable visible differences between red, white, and rose wine. However, even among the reds, there are many different varieties. Some are darker red, while some are a brighter, bolder shade of red. Also, note the clarity of the wine.


Ever noticed people swirling their glass of wine before sipping it? The purpose of this step is to mix in oxygen, which softens the tannins and enhances the wine’s flavors and aromas. When you take a sniff of the wine, it should smell pleasant.


Hold the glass a few inches from your nose to smell the vino. Then slowly lean your nose closer to the glass. Take a moment to contemplate the scents you’re absorbing. What does it smell like? Common aromas are vanilla, berry, fruit, and herbs.


Now comes the part you’ve been waiting for! Take a sip of the wine, but don’t swallow it right away. Allow the wine to move around in your mouth so that all of your taste buds get a chance to taste it. Gently swish it around in your mouth for a few seconds, noting the burst of flavors.


Now, swallow the wine. Pay special attention to the finish. How long did you taste the wine’s flavor after you swallowed it? This determines the length of the finish. Were you pleased with the taste?

Wine tasting shouldn’t be stressful or embarrassing. Don’t worry that you won’t do it right. The best wine tasting advice for beginners is to go slow and note aromas and flavor each step along the way. Not everyone tastes everything in the same manner. You may pick up on herbal notes more than someone else that may notice a fruity flavor first. Make learning how to taste wine fun by hosting a virtual wine tasting party where you and several friends discuss flavors and aromas and see what you each come up with!

If you’d like to learn more about wine tasting or need help finding a fine bottle of wine, contact Lincoln Road Package Store by calling (601) 268-3677. Our fine selection of wine is suitable for all tastes. For more information or to contact the store directly, please email We look forward to helping you with your next wine selection!


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