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June 2, 2020
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Hattiesburg, MS

Wine is one of the oldest and most complex beverages. No matter if you seldom drink wine or you are a connoisseur who appreciates fine wines, you may have some thoughts about wine that are not true. These myths come from years of misconceptions about wine, and today, Lincoln Road Package Store in Hattiesburg is going to bust them. After reading today’s blog, you may be willing to try different brands and varieties.

  1. Cheap Wine Tastes Bad

Although many factors determine the price of a bottle of wine, it usually has little to do with the flavor. Quality of the wine is important, but most of the cost comes from the labor required to make the selection, materials to process the wine, the packaging to ship the product, and even the design of the label. Also, grapes that are more popular from particular wineries or regions can demand a high price compared to other lesser-known areas. Therefore, Lincoln Road Package Store in Hattiesburg recommends visiting our location at 2800 Lincoln Road, Suite A, to try wines from a less popular producer or variety to get more bang for your buck.

  1. Screw Caps Indicate Poor Quality

Corks sealed wine bottles for over 300 years. So, when wine producers began using screw caps on bottles, customers assumed the wine was of lesser quality. However, when sealed with a cork, the wine is more prone to tainting by the cork and oxidation problems, resulting in a strong, musty smell. With the use of screw caps, you can avoid cork taint. Also, more manufacturers are turning to the screw cap to keep oxygen out and provide a more effortless bottle opening experience.

  1. Sweet Wines Are Not for True Wine Drinkers

A more novice drinker typically enjoys sweeter wines because of the easy drinkability. However, it does not mean that sweet wines provide lower quality or alcohol content. On the contrary, Lincoln Road Package Store advises that an experienced wine aficionado can appreciate sweet wines. Some of the most respected and coveted wines are sweet ones like Sauternes, a popular sweet wine from the Bordeaux region of France. Also, one of the sweetest wines available, ice wines, are created by freezing the grape on the vine. During the freezing process, the sugars become concentrated, resulting in a syrup-like, dessert drink

  1. Red Wine is for Beef, and White Wine is for Fish

As a wine novice, you may have heard that red wine is for beef and white wine is for fish or chicken. Although it is a good rule of thumb, there are exceptions. For example, when eating tuna, salmon, or other fish dishes, a good wine pairing could be pinot noir, which is a light red wine with a medium to high acidity level. When you are looking for the perfect wine to compliment your dinner, it has more to do with finding a good connection with the flavors and sauces. However, when it comes down to choosing wine for dinner, Lincoln Road Package Store expresses that the best wine is one that suits your tastes.

Wine in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Learning more about the wine you choose is as simple as asking Lincoln Road Package Store. By visiting our wine store in Hattiesburg, our staff can help you choose a bottle of wine suitable for your taste. If you have questions about a particular wine, feel free to call (601) 268-3677 or email We look forward to sharing more wine varieties with you during your next visit to Lincoln Road!

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