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4 Cocktail Recipes to make for a Magical Valentine’s Day
January 15, 2024

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Wine has been around for centuries and is a deliciously complex beverage. Many people study wine and its flavor, whether as a connoisseur that drinks wine regularly or as someone who drinks it occasionally. But there are many untruths about wine that may prevent you from trying something new or different and possibly saving a few bucks. So today on the blog, we bust four common myths about wine in hopes that it may help you feel more adventurous to trying wines that you might have steered clear of before.

Cheap wine is bad

There are many opinions about the cost of wine being that the more expensive wine tastes better than cheap wine. There are many factors that determine the price of wine. Quality, where the wine is produced, and the cost of labor, materials, packaging, and labeling that contribute to the price tags on wines. However, a higher price doesn’t always mean better tasting wine and likewise, a more affordable wine doesn’t mean it tastes bad or lacks sufficient flavor. It’s usually worth trying other wines or less popular varieties because you may get a better value and please your taste buds.

Twist off caps mean low quality

Corked wine bottles have been a tradition for several hundred years. But some wine manufacturers started replacing cork caps with twist off caps a few decades ago, not changing the quality of their wine, yet consumers thought otherwise. Contrary to popular belief, corked wine bottles aren’t necessarily a sign of better-quality wine. In fact, cork tops are known to cause oxidation or cork taint, which causes the wine to taste bad and have a strong musty smell. Twist off caps avoid the problem of cork taint and do a better job at sealing out oxygen to prevent or reduce the risk of the wine oxidizing. So, don’t be afraid to try wines with twist off caps. You might be surprised at their quality and flavor profile. Plus, twist off caps are much more convenient if you’re away from home traveling and without a wine bottle opener.

Sweet wines aren’t real wines

Some wine connoisseurs or novice wine drinkers believe that sweet tasting wines aren’t real wines and are low quality. However, some of the most popular wines are known to have a sweeter taste, like Sauternes that originates from the infamous Bordeaux region of France. Therefore, don’t assume that enjoying sweeter tasting wines means you aren’t drinking real wine.

White wine pairs with fish and red wine pairs with beef

Many people believe the common misconception that white wine should only be paired with fish or chicken and red wines with beef or darker meats. This is certainly a good rule of thumb if you have no idea what type of wine to pair with your dinner, but don’t depend on it as a hard and fast rule in the wine world. For instance, a light red wine with medium to high acidity like a pinot noir, pairs well with salmon, tuna, or other hearty fishes. However, pairing wine with your dinner has more to do with complementing flavors and sauces than it does matching the color of your wine with your food. Being happy with your pairing is what matters the most.

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