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Wedding bars are an essential feature at receptions to ensure guests can refresh and have a good time. With multiple variations available for alcoholic wedding beverages, finding a unique mix of drinks that compliment your wedding theme and delight your guests should be easy. Lincoln Road Package Store is happy to share some stylish bar ideas, a few surprise elements, and some bars with a twist that could be the main attraction at your reception, except for the bride and groom, of course.

Our staff can help you generate complementary combinations of beverages for the bar of your choice, so visit Lincoln Road Package Store when planning your wedding bar.

  • Banging Bourbon Bar – A groom’s favorite, the bourbon bar will keep the men entertained. Stock a wide variety of brands and classics for various tastes.
  • Basic Boozing Bar – When an open bar is not financially feasible, but you want to have a selection of bar favorites, a boozing bar stocked with classic options for wine, beer, spirits, and mixed can be an excellent option.
  • Classic Champagne Bar – Champagne bars are typical at weddings, but with a few twists, yours can stand out. Changing crystal glassware or presenting your champagne bottles in ice sculptures could give you a unique look with some added details.
  • Classy Cocktail Bar – Add a customized twist to a favorite cocktail and serve a His and Hers version for a unique personal touch. Not that experimental? Choose a shortlist of classic cocktails.
  • Decadent Decanter Bar – Crystal decanters make a stunning vintage effect when serving whisky, bourbon, scotch, and sherry. Include an ice bucket, vines, and tall candles for the Gatsby charm.
  • Mindless Mimosa Bar – Mimosa’s are a lady favorite since they are sparkling and fruity. A mimosa bar is sure to please when offering more than one flavor option with colorful bowls of fresh fruit for an added pop of color.
  • Obliging Open Bar – One of the most gracious, although most expensive, options is an open bar that allows guests to drink beverages free of charge.
  • Self-serve Sangria Station – Sangria is an effective way to serve many guests at one time with a punch-style method. Use tapped drink dispensers to minimize spilling and stains.
  • Wicked Whisky Bar – A little whisky goes a long way and is a proven crowd-pleaser. With Manhattans, Boulevardiers, and Old Fashions, your guests should find an option suitable to their pallet.
  • Wonderful Wine Bar – A rustic wine bar filled with choice red, white, and rose varieties gives guests the ability to top off their glass through the reception. Include flowers, fairy lights, or your initials for decoration.

Bar Presentation

Erecting an original wedding bar may seem challenging beyond a traditional table with a tablecloth. However, uniquely presenting your bar options to your guests can add to the event ambiance and become a reception highlight. Therefore, think creatively about your presentation and integrate items such as an ice-cream cart, tin baths, or a vintage bar cart. Additionally, choosing suitable decanters, glassware, and serving methods complement your theme.

Personal Touches

When planning your bar, think of ways to add a personal touch to the experience. For example, use calligraphy-decorated napkins, theme-appropriate drink stirrers, or create a playful neon-lit or chalkboard sign to draw attention. For more personal touches or ideas, visit our location at 2800 Lincoln Road, Suite A, in Hattiesburg, MS.

Cost Concerns

Always check with your wedding venue about their alcoholic beverage requirements when planning, so you’re aware of additional fees to account for in your budget. Then, calculate the number of guests and how much they may drink; some may drink more, some may drink less. However, most guests drink one glass per hour, and your estimate should be close to the actual count.

Lincoln Road Package Store can help you with an idea, items to include, and beverages to ensure your wedding bar is as unique and festive as your reception. Visit Lincoln Road Package Store for more information and your wine, beer, spirit, cider, and mixer needs. Feel free to call (601) 268-3677 or email with questions for your special day.


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