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Hattiesburg, MS

Japan can spark so many ideas in your head: samurai, sumo wrestling, sushi, karaoke, and anime … the list goes on. While the songs of distant shores call to us all, most of us cannot jet set around the world to experience life in different countries on a whim. Many times we have to settle for the bits and pieces of culture we can find near us. Lucky for you, Lincoln Road Package Store has a solution to the problem… sake.

In America, sake is the traditional drink of Japan. In Japan, sake is the generalized term for alcohol. The drink we call sake was originally called nihonshu. The term nihonshu literally can be translated to “Japanese alcohol.” Sake is actually a rice grain alcohol that is brewed in after a process called rice polishing occurs. This means they remove the kernel of the rice grain before turning it into sake. Sake is then classified by how polished the rice is, where it was produced, the kind of rice, how it was filtered, the ingredients brewed with it, and the kind of brewing process. These variables are the reason that there are so many kinds of sake.

Don’t allow this flood of historical brewing information to overwhelm you. We don’t plan on crowding your head with every kind of sake there has ever been, but it is probably most important to know what you’re getting into as sake can be served both chilled and warm. It is often made with a temperature in mind to accent its flavor profile. Many types of sake also have different flavors.

We are here to illuminate some of the most important and popular kinds of sake on the market today:

  • Junmai: Often times served warm, or at room temperature, it can have a full-bodied, rich, acidic flavor.
  • Ginjo: A fruity, light flavored sake that usually, but not always, is served chilled.
  • Honjozo: Smoother sake so light it can be enjoyed either warmed or chilled.
  • Daiginjo: Premium sake considered by many to represent the pinnacle of the art of brewing sake, it has a complex flavor and aroma that often can be intensified when chilled. It is also commonly pricier than other variations of sake.
  • Nigori: Creamy, thick, white sake that can be intensely sweet. It is much more common in restaurants as dessert sake.
  • Nama-zake: Known for its fresh, sweet flavor, this sake is unpasteurized, meaning it always should be stored and served chilled.
  • Shiboritate: This wild, fruity-flavored sake often is compared to white wine and can be served at whatever temperature is preferred.
  • Futsushu: The most common type of sake, this usually is referred to as table sake, is cheaper, and can often lead to heavy hangovers. It is served at room temperature and has no variations to its flavor.

Sake selection in Hattiesburg

The best way to figure out which sake is for you and how you would like to drink it is to try it. Let Lincoln Road Package Store help. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at (601) 268-3677 or send an email to jamiefarris@gmail.com. Or, visit our location at 2800 Lincoln Road, Suite A, in Hattiesburg, MS. A member of our knowledgeable and courteous staff will be glad to assist you with any of your adult beverage needs.

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