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Popular Coffee-Infused Spirits and Liqueurs Perfect for Sipping or Mixing

Hattiesburg, MS

Liqueurs are popular for sipping with dessert or mixing into drinks for exciting flavors. Available in many different flavors, coffee liqueurs are among the most popular. Coffee has been used as a cocktail mix for years, from Irish Coffee to Espresso Martinis. Coffee-infused liqueurs have grown in popularity. Today on the blog, we share some of the most popular coffee-infused spirits and liqueurs so that you can decide which one will wow your taste buds after dinner.

Kahlua Liqueur

Traditionally, Kahlua has been one of the most popular coffee-infused liqueurs. Its sweet flavor is undeniable, and bottles of Kahlua are easy to find at your local liquor store. This liqueur has a pleasant, strong coffee flavor with vanilla and brown sugar richness with a rum base. One of the most popular cocktails that call for Kahlua is the White Russian.

Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

We know, for many people, just seeing the word Jager conjures up memories of the past that you’d rather not repeat. But if you’re a fan of the brand and its distinct herbal flavor, this naturally bitter liqueur pairs well with that notorious bitter coffee flavor. It’s infused with Arabica coffee with a hint of chocolate flavor. Suitable to mix in a cocktail or as a shot (after all, it is Jäger!)

Galliano Ristretto Liqueur

This is an Italian coffee-infused liqueur that uses a dark-roast coffee with bittersweet flavors and strong espresso notes. Sip this liqueur, and you may even pick up on the slight hint of tart fruit flavor. It’s a thicker texture but is velvety to drink.

Caffe Amaro Liqueur

This liqueur was invented up the road in Missouri. Much different from other popular coffee liqueurs, Caffe Amaro isn’t as sweet yet still packs that bittersweet coffee flavor perfect for an after-dinner cocktail or paired with dessert. It’s made using coffee from a local roaster in Kansas City and then aged in a barrel.

Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur

A bartender favorite in Australia, Mr. Black Coffee liqueur is ideal for espresso martinis. With half the sugar and 10 times the coffee concentrate as other coffee liqueurs, this liqueur may be the best choice for some palates.

How to use coffee-infused liqueurs

There are different ways to enjoy coffee-infused liqueurs. You may wish to try different ways of enjoying coffee liqueurs and decide which method is your favorite. Some people like to splash some in their freshly brewed coffee or add to an iced coffee. There aren’t any specific measurements needed. Just add to suit your taste. Another option is to make a coffee soda by adding club soda and coffee liqueur to your coffee for a refreshing beverage. A White Russian is one of the most popular cocktails that call for coffee liqueur. To make it, add one ounce of coffee-flavored liqueur and two ounces of Vodka to an Old Fashioned glass, add ice, and then float heavy cream on the top. You could make your next dinner party exciting by pouring coffee liqueur over ice cream for an adult treat.

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