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‘Tis the Season with these Christmas-themed Cocktails

Hattiesburg, MS

During the Christmas season, planning holiday menus must cover details such as the type of food served, the festively decorated table, and which cocktails to mix with the Christmas celebration. With multiple recipes from which to choose, the local liquor store near you, Lincoln Road Package Store located at 2800 Lincoln Road, Suite A, in Hattiesburg, MS, shares Christmas themed cocktails that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next holiday gathering.

White Christmas

The Christmas holiday is a time when children hope for snow to sled on Christmas day. Although some places do not see snow during Christmas, there is no reason you cannot have a White Christmas adult cocktail featuring white chocolate liquor and crème de cacao.

● 2 oz white chocolate liqueur
● 2 oz vanilla-flavored vodka
● 1 oz half and half
● 1 oz white crème de cacao
● Honey
● Coarse sugar

Drizzle honey on a shallow plate or dish. Do the same with the sugar on a separate shallow plate. Dip the martini glass rim in the honey and then in the sugar to coat the rim. Then, fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the white chocolate liqueur, vodka, half and half, and crème de cacao. Next, seal the shaker and shake well for about 30 seconds to combine and chill the ingredients. Finally, strain the drink directly into the martini glass and serve immediately.

Jack Frost

Baby, it’s cold outside! Jack Frost brings the cold this winter, but you can snuggle up to a roaring holiday fire with this blue champagne concoction to melt the frost away.

● 1 cup champagne or sparkling white wine
● 1 cup vodka, any variety
● ½ cup lemonade
● ½ cup blue Curacao
● Lemon wedge
● White coarse sugar
● 6 cups ice

Add 6 cups of ice to a blender and add champagne, vodka, lemonade, and Curacao. Then, blend the mixture well until combined creating a smooth texture. Next, run a lime around the rim of the cocktail glass and dip it in sugar. Finally, add the prepared beverage and serve cold.

Cranberry Mimosa

Cranberries are a winter season favorite and can compliment your Christmas meal. Whether sour or sweetened, this cocktail is sure to be a crowd favorite as it features champagne and cranberries.

● 1 lime, cut in half
● 1 cup cranberry juice (Sweetened is best, but unsweetened packs a sour punch.)
● 2 tbsp sugar
● 1 bottle champagne or sparkling white wine of your choice
● 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary
● 12 fresh cranberries (Whole fresh cranberries are best, but frozen ones work well too.)
● Toothpick

Run the lime around the rim of four champagne flutes. Spread sugar onto a shallow plate and dip the rims to coat. Divide the cranberry juice into equal ¼-cup servings and add to the flutes. Top off with champagne or sparkling white wine, leaving about a half-inch for garnishing. Use the toothpick to poke holes through the cranberries and thread them on the rosemary sprig. Top the cocktail with the garnish and serve immediately.

There are several recipes to chose from for your holiday celebration that may pair better with your meal choices. Therefore, we encourage you to visit Lincoln Road Package Store for more festive holiday cocktail recipes to delight your guests. Also, feel free to experiment with a few liquors to create your signature holiday drink. Finally, be sure to test your recipes a few days before your event to ensure you have the perfect mix. If you have questions or require assistance in your holiday beverage choices, feel free to call us at (601) 268-3677 or email We hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season!


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