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Cheers, as we bring on the holidays in full force. From shakers, stirs, and maraschino cherries, does your home bar have what it takes for holiday entertaining? Use this guide as presented to you by Lincoln Road Package Store to ensure your home bar is well-stocked with the essentials that you need for entertaining family and friends this holiday season.

Bar Tools

It’s fairly difficult, nearly impossible actually, to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. Or, offer up a well mixed martini without a shaker. Since these items are often obvious, they also are easy to overlook when stocking your home bar, leaving you in a panic as guests begin ordering their beverage for the evening’s cocktail hour. Check through your bar stock and make sure you have the essentials, plus a good jigger to measure shots, a muddler to extract juice and blend in herbs, an ice bucket (don’t forget the ice!), and of course, stir sticks.


Nothing tops off a well-made cocktail like a fresh garnish. Be it a slice of citrus, herbs or olives, garnishes add a little zest to a refreshing cocktail. Plus, garnishes just look pretty sitting on the rim of a glass. Decide on what cocktails and beverages you will be serving at your holiday party and stock your bar with the necessary garnishes. Lemon and lime wedges and peelings, maraschino cherries, and olives are used in many popular beverages.


Unless you want your nice furniture ruined by glasses that may sweat, provide beverage napkins for your guests. Plus, they will be handy if anyone has a little spill, although we hope that doesn’t happen!


Plastic cups are for tailgating. Instead, stock your bar with appropriate drinkware such as glasses for wine, cocktails, and martinis, and even champagne if you plan on serving up some bubbles to your guest. Remember highball glasses for guests who may only want a nice, smooth pour of whiskey to sip on.


Planning is a big part of setting up and stocking your bar at home. Decide on which cocktails you are going to offer your guests and also remember to stock your bar with the necessary mixers! Sodas, juice, ginger ale, and soda water are all stables for most bars because these mixers go well with many different drink options. You may even want to consider offering a signature cocktail to wow your guests.

Nonalcoholic Options

Least we forget about having options for those that wish not to consume any alcohol. Designated drivers need something refreshing to enjoy as well! Those not drinking any alcohol can enjoy sparkling water, soda, and even non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails.


The most important ingredient of all – booze! Once you decide which cocktails to offer, you can stock your bar with the necessary bottles of booze. Stock a variety like clear options (gin, tequila, and vodka), and a few brown varieties like whiskey, rum, or other dark liquors. Chose which ones will be the biggest crowd pleaser.

Spirits for Holiday Parties in Hattiesburg

Lincoln Road Package Store has all of your adult beverage needs to stock your bar at home in time for your holiday entertaining. To learn more about what we offer, please contact our store by calling (601) 268-3677 or send an e-mail to jamiefarris@gmail.com.

Lincoln Road Package Store is there to serve the adult beverage needs of customers in the area of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

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